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CM12, CM13, CM14 and CM15

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Batri.Bike Brentwood
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Brentwood, Essex UK
Phone: 07534 746617
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Batri.Bike Brentwood

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electric bike Brentwood

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Electric Bike Brentwood. Batri.Bike is the Local Delivery Agent and home demo provider for Batribike in Brentwood. This unique service allows you to choose to test ride a bike at your home or workplace in surroundings you know best. Once you purchase, the bike is delivered to you fully built and ready to ride.

Easy to book

Choose the bike you want to test ride, click book a test ride, ensure you have chosen Brentwood LDA and add your location to the notes section. We will be in touch to confirm your test ride for electric bike Brentwood.

Easy to use

A Batribike from electric bike Brentwood is easy to use. The controls are on the handlebars where you can choose how much help the bike gives you. You might need just a bit of help on the flat but increase that for hills or head winds.

Batri.Bike Brentwood runs a local delivery service in postcode districts CM12, CM13, CM14 and CM15. Delivery is free within these areas. Delivery to a wider area available but may incur a cost. Please contact sales@batri.bike for further information.

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