Warranty Registration

We have recently made changes to the Warranty Registration process. It is no longer necessary to register your bike with us as your Proof of Purchase is your entitlement to Warranty. It is important that you keep your Sales Receipt or Invoice in a safe place.


You will need your proof of purchase in the event of any warranty claims through your dealer. This is usually a Sales Receipt or Invoice detailing the bike model, serial number and purchase date and is stamped or headed with the dealer name and address.

It is also a good idea to record all of your serial numbers in the front of your Owner Manual in the spaces provided.

Please follow the steps below to ensure that you are making full use of the security and protection offered with your new Batribike.

2. Register your Battery


You must register your Battery Warranty with Promovec within 8 days of purchase.


You will need your Battery Serial Number and Article Number. Click here to find Details of how to find the Battery Serial Number.

If you are in any doubt please ask your Dealer for help, or contact the Batribike Office for assistance.

If you are wanting to register a TRANSFER of WARRANTY for the European Range, please contact the Batribike Office directly.

4. Register your Free Insurance

Don’t forget that your new Batribike or Lindsey-West comes with one month of FREE Insurance Cover. To take up this offer you will need to either fill in and return the card which was with your new bike, or simply fill in your details on the Lexham Insurance site.

Again, this is a separate registration system to our Batribike Warranty Registration.

5. Purchase an Extended Battery Warranty


The battery on your new bike has an option to extend the standard 2 year warranty to an impressive 5 Years. This warranty extension is purchased directly from ProMovec and is subject to Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on their website.

European Quality Built In.

The Battery and Electronics are designed and supplied to BATRIBIKE by Promovec, a Danish Company, before being assembled by experienced bicycle factories in Europe.

Long Warranty

2 Year Warranty on Bicycle & Electronics



3 Year Warranty on Hub Motor



5 Year Warranty on Frame


Battery has 2 years Warranty as Standard, optionally extendable to 5 years.