Go Electric – Go Green

As everyone looks at choices for a green commute we review the electric bike option.

Do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

Perdu electric bikeStatistics suggest that up to a staggering 80% of all car journeys made are less than six miles. Also that almost a third of all journeys are of approximately only one mile! It is also estimated that 75% of a car’s harmful exhaust emissions during a typical six mile trip are made during this first mile.

It’s well known that a car is most inefficient when cold. During such short journeys, the catalytic elements within the exhaust system do not operate fully. Therefore such journeys are most damaging to both our cars and our planet. In addition they are also not doing much to help our personal financial situation as fuel costs continue to spiral.

An Electric Bike can be viable for a green commute. Batteries cost just pence to recharge and whilst not as green as a bicycle without power use far less energy than a motor vehicle. Most people would not want to replace the car for long journeys. However, with congestion and emissions in our Cities is becoming more of an issue ,along with the rise in fuel and parking costs. Many more consumers are realising that an electric bike is a viable option for a green commute or short distance travel.

Green commute

Green Commute electric bikeHuge savings can be made in money terms and in cost to the environment by using an Electric Bike for many of the short journeys we all make on a daily basis.

Congestion and emissions in our Cities is becoming more of an issue. Congestion charging, limited parking options and motor vehicle free zones are making us look at our transport choices. Metropolitan areas are changing the way they expect people to travel into cities. New cycle super highways are being built and we are all looking at a more European way to travel. The electric bike definitely comes into its own in this arena.

Green Bikes – Save on parking, Save on Fuel and get Fit in the process!

Electric Bikes are ideal for saving on parking and fuel as well as getting fit in the process. Statistics confirm that Electric Bike owners are more likely to use them once (or more) times a week.

If you work in the city or local town there are popular cycle to work schemes, which promote healthier journeys to work and reduce environmental pollution.