Connect+ App. Launched

Batribike launched bike models with the Connect+ App. in September ahead of the 2021 season.AKITA | e-Cargo bike with high capacity battery | Connect+ phone app. | Integrated lock

Connect+ is a new display/control that uses your smart phone to control and change the bike functions and to display data. The app has been exclusively developed by Promovec and is initially available on GAMMA, VISTA and some DELTA models.

It is a stand alone system that enables the bike to be controlled by a handlebar mounted display and/or with an app. on your smart phone. The app. gives lots of additional features including 3 types of assist mode:

SPEED – The help level is defined by a percentage of maximum speed.

POWER – The help level is defined by best motor performance.

SET DISTANCE – The desired distance is set and the help level is set by the battery’s performance.

The manual is available to download here – BATRIBIKE Connect+ Manual