Batribike Going for Gold - Delta Plus Used for Prospecting
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June 29, 2022
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Batribike and Caravan Guard
July 13, 2022

Batribike Going for Gold!

Batribike DeltaBatribike going for gold! A Batribike is great for commuting and leisure, but this week we have learned that it is ideal for prospecting too!

Malcolm at Slater Sports, in Buckie, Moray, has sent us pictures and a testimonial from one of his customers.

Alan uses his Batribike Delta Plus to get about in the hills when he is prospecting for gold.

He writes “I was up in Sutherland and the bike whisked me up to where I was digging each day with ease. The downhill trip at the end of the day was so easy, when normally, nowadays, I am spent on foot.

The bike is the new prospector’s mule. I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience and have more trips planned.”

Here in the Batribike office we have been super excited to read the story. Not only is it great to hear that our Batribike Riders are enjoying their bikes, but also with this story there’s a pot of gold at the end!


Batribike Going for Gold

This little pot is what it’s all about. Alan enjoys getting out and panning for gold in the hills. It sounds like a story from the Wild West but this modern day prospector is using an electric bike as his mule. The assistance that the Batribike Delta Plus gives means that his journey is a lot easier.

Thanks to Alan for his pictures and to Malcolm Slater for sharing the story with us.


The Batribike Delta Plus with Alans Prospecting Equipment seen here in the Scottish hills.

Delta Plus Prospecting