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Team expansion for 2018

The Coulson family, owners of the BATRIBIKE® brand since 2007 are now entering the next phase of the Company’s development. You can see the team Members below and read about our journey over the last 10 years.










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The Early Years

Steve and Jackie Coulson started by selling other e-bike brands. It soon became apparent that there was a shortfall in Customer Care and spares availability from these brands. It was time to consider how to improve this.


BATRIBIKE established 2007

In 2007 Fallowgate Limited was formed. Ralph and Sue joined the business, the Batribike brand was created and we decided to introduce our own range of Electric Bikes. The aim was to produce an affordable bike but not compromise on quality. The bikes were manufactured in China for cost effectiveness.


Our first Own Brand bikes

Our range consisted of only 3 bikes, all with 24v Lithium batteries and conforming to the <200W ruling in force in the UK at this time.

The Diamond, dutch style step-through and the pre-cursor to our mainstay ever since.

The Granite, a straight forward cross-bar bike, and the Onyx, our useful smaller wheeled folder with a mere 160W of power. Not much by today’s standards.

Customer Feedback is important

The Company was strictly retail at this time and attended many Caravan and Leisure Shows around the UK. Extensive knowledge and customer feedback was gained over the next couple of years with hundreds of bikes sold. All of this information was essential to making sure that our range of bikes improved and addressed the needs of the market without losing sight of our target of the affordable end of the price banding.

The First Dealers

We then started to be approached by bike shops and other specialist outlets with a view to them selling our bikes. We took on a few dealers and offered extensive support and training to ensure that our hard earned reputation was maintained throughout our supply chain.


Exhibiting Nationally

Batribike exhibited at The Cycle Show. We were one of only a handful of stands showing electric bikes at that time. The industry was in its infancy in the UK and we were at the forefront of technology.


BEBA – British Electric Bicycle Association

Batribike became one of the first members of BEBA, the British Electric Bicycle Association. We were on the Working Group, campaigning for legislation and standards. Ralph Coulson was Chairman at the end of 2015 when the Association merged with the BAGB (Bicycle Association) to enable a greater and united cycling voice for lobbying and promotion.

Dealer Network

We now have a network of hand picked dealers around the UK and Ireland where you are able to buy a Batribike and get it serviced and supported. Our dealer base is growing year on year and our products continue to include technology enhancements and updates to match the requirements of a demanding and growing customer base.


New Season, New Style

We replaced our system, changing to 36v and moved our batteries from vertical to carrier mounted.  We were among the first to adopt these innovations. Styling changed and we added Trikes to our range.


Hand-made Folder Bags

A leading brand in motorhome and caravan leisure we saw the need for storage bags for folding electric bikes. Since then our bags have been specially hand-made for us in Devon using high quality durable materials.


Specialist Electric Bike Insurance

As part of our remit on the working group of BEBA, we pioneered working with insurance companies to create a specialist electric bike insurance.

Today we are partnered with Lexham Insurance to give our customers a free insurance with their new e-bike.


New Colours

Traditionally Batribike was using a black and silver colour scheme but In 2014 we launched higher spec bikes with a range of brighter colour options.


We became the first and currently still the only UK electric bike manufacturer to fit Datatag as standard. Batribike continues to break new ground by giving customers a top security marking package with their new e-bikes.


Francis-Barnett Vintage Style

Batribike made the Francis-Barnett electric bikes under licence. The whole styling and colour of these bikes was very retro. The launch at the Coventry Transport Museum harked back to an era of Lindy Hop and flat caps.


Batribike Insurance

We announced our partnership with Lexham Insurance to give a free insurance will all new bikes. Alongside Datatag this completed our security package.

Hand Built in Europe

In 2016 we decided to move our production to Europe. We launched the new European built bikes at the Cycle Show in September 2016. We work very closely with ProMovec, a Danish company who design electric systems for bicycles. They started at a similar time to Batribike and share our core values of quality and service. Our bicycles are hand built specifically for Batribike to a high quality and are tested to all the relevant standards.


10th Anniversary

Batribike celebrated ten years in electric bikes with the launch of the TEN. A new centre motor bike in two frame styles.


The Future is Bright

In December 2017 we have now entered a new era for BATRIBIKE. We have created a new Company and joined in partnership with our Danish supplier, ProMovec. The new Company which takes over the brand from Fallowgate Limited is jointly owned by the Coulson family and Jesper Lundqvist, the Danish owner of ProMovec.

This gives us extensive access to new research and development opportunities together with a wider manufacturing base. It also gives the Danes access to the UK market – a win-win situation for us all and one which secures the future for the BATRIBIKE® range.