Top ebikes at London Bike Show

The Batribike stand has been receiving a lot of attention at the London Bike Show.

Thursday was trade and press day and we were pleased to welcome Dave Atkinson from the electric bike focussed website ebiketips.

The Batribike Perdu and Quintessential really caught his eye and we are delighted that they are two of the bikes in his list of five hot ebikes at the show. He also gave the title of “Current winner in the ‘hide the battery’ competition” to the Perdu.

The hidden battery systems we are using in these two bikes have been the subject of many complements at the show and to feature as two of the hot five has made the whole Batribike team vey proud.

Both of these European built bikes are available from our dealer network. Why not contact your local Batribike dealer and take a test ride on one of these outstanding bikes.

Winner of the Hidden Battery competition London Bike Show
Batribike Perdu – Winner of the Hidden Battery competition at the London Bike Show 2017

Quintessential at the London Bike Show