Datatag and Batribike – Preventing Theft Together

Datatag visible marking
Datatag visible marking

Batribike has been fitting the Datatag security marking system to all of its electric bikes since early 2014. Batribike listened to the concerns of customers. Those concerns can be very easy to understand because an electric bike is a considered purchase. Batribike decided that something could be done to give more peace of mind and chose to partner with industry leader, Datatag.

Latest statistics

Datatag and Adam Henson
Discussing teft prevention with Adam Henson on the Datatag stand at BBC Countryfile Live

The partnership has proved to work well. Latest stats from Datatag show that less than 0.002% of Batribike electric bikes that have had their Datatags registered, have been reported stolen.

We do believe that Datatag Stealth Pro System acts as a very real theft deterrent. This is proved by insurance companies, who give a discount for bikes fitted with this system.